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Momentum Core Values

Our core values define who we are.

Jul 08, 2014

Okay, what else is there to know about us? Well, quite a lot, we think. Momentum is a group of Realtors who believe in the same things, and although our personalities and skill sets may be different, our goals and values tie us together and make us a stronger team. To get to know us better, we thought we'd share some of the values that are most important to our team.

1. GREAT CONVERSATIONS LEAD TO GREAT OUTCOMES. At Momentum, we believe that all good business relationships begin with a good conversation—this is how we get to know you, what your needs are, and how we can achieve your goals.

2. BE PASSIONATE. Momentum is passionate about what we do, and our genuine love of our work shows through in the care and attention we put into everything we do.

3. IT'S MORE THAN A HOUSE. Sure, we want to get you the best results, but we also know that for you, it's more than just a house—it's a home, an investment and a big decision.

4. WE'RE NOT AFRAID OF HARD WORK. We know that not all deals might be easy, but that doesn't scare us. We are willing to put in the work it takes to get the results we promised you.

5. NOTHING BAD EVER HAPPENED FROM A LITTLE PLAY. Our best selves come from having some play time too, and we like to think we are a fun kind of group. Whether we are joking around with each other or spending time with family and friends, it's the fun times that bond us all together.

6. COMMUNICATE OPENLY AND HONESTLY. Our honesty when interacting with others leads to strong relationships built on trust. We always encourage and welcome positive, open and honest communication.

7. LIVE WITH INTEGRITY. We work in an honest and ethical manner with each other, our clients, and our families, yah—this is a big one for us.

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