Brianna Abbott


Growing up under a realtor her whole life, some might say it was inevitable that Brianna would eventually be working with a team of them. With an early interest in real estate and a passion for how digital marketing can propel a business into motion, Brianna is thrilled to be Momentum’s new Marketing Director.

Having gained experience from two different digital marketing agencies, Brianna is ready and excited to delve even deeper into online marketing efforts by working in-house. Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising and Analytics are right in her domain. Already used to handling handfuls of clients at a time, Brianna has no trouble being a project manager for new development campaigns.

Positivity and persistence accompany every action Brianna takes and her drive to achieve excellence in all her endeavours is what has helped her obtain her Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a specialization in Marketing from Trinity Western University.

Beyond optimizing campaigns, Brianna spends the majority of her time attending group fitness classes, wrangling her new puppy, enjoying family, and indulging in tv marathons with her husband.